As a multi-disciplinary tripartite, research oriented institute, the National Productivity Centre was established by the National Productivity Centre Act CAP 272 LFN 1990. The main object of the institution was to accelerate socio-economic growth and development in Nigeria through Productivity improvement initiatives. To achieve this, the Centre focuses on Stimulating consciousness towards efficient and effective work environments for attainment of high levels of productivity in all sectors of the economy and promoting international cooperation for the enhancement of national productivity.
The Centre in collaboration with the Federal ministry of Labour through the Productivity Measurement and Standards Department developed Nigeria’s first National Policy on Productivity.
Some of the Centre’s programmes include:
–  Productivity Improvement Scheme.
–  Productivity Awareness Campaigns.
–  Foundation day Lectures.
–  National Productivity day/National Productivity Order of Merit Awards.
–  Establishment of State Productivity Committees.
–  Publishing of Productivity Index.