The Productivity Measurement and Standards Department is one of the core professional Departments in the Ministry, The Department was established in 2010 to coordinate and streamline the activities on National Productivity Indices, global ranking and competitiveness. The Department is key to government’s transformation agenda in view of its strategic role as enunciated in its functions.
The Department is made up of three (3) divisions, namely
* Productivity Monitoring
* Productivity Guidelines; and
* International labour Relations division

The Ministry through its department of Productivity Measurement is mandated to ensure improved National Productivity index through:
i. Imbibing Productivity Culture and Consciousness amongst the citizenry
ii. Reward of Excellence at work.
iii. Product Quality Improvement.
iv. Standardization and
v. Improvement of National Competitiveness.

The Department works with the National Productivity Center (NPC) to implement the National Policy on Productivity aimed at stimulating and institutionalizing Productivity culture and consciousness in both the public and private sectors of the economy. The policy was approved by both the National Economic Council and Federal Executive Council.
i. Planning, organizing, directing and coordinating productivity policies and issues in Nigeria.
ii. Liaising with National Productivity Centre (NPC) to monitor and evaluate nationwide schemes for raising, trends and measuring productivity in all sectors of the economy.
iii. Coordinating surveys and researches on productivity matters for national development.
iv. Coordinating, monitoring and evaluation of International and National Labour Standards, Recommendations and Protocols.
v. Setting up implementation guidelines for productivity improvement in all sectors of the economy.
vi. Monitoring and advising government on salary and wage increases based on productivity performance level.
vii. Compilation of statistics for evaluation of trends on wages, productivity and economic growth.
viii. Productivity and updating of national Industrial Directory.
ix. Publication and dissemination of quarterly reports on productivity Council.
x. Serve as secretariat for the National Productivity Council.
xi. Represents the Ministry at the Governing Council of the National Productivity Centre (NPC).
xii. Serve as the secretariat of the national Labour Advisory Council (NLAC).
xiii. Coordinates all labour administration issues relating to International Organizations such as the International Labour Organization (ILO), African Regional Labour Administration Centre (ARLAC), Organization of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU), African Union-Labour and Social Affairs Commission (AU-LSAC) etc.
xiv. Coordinates/supervises the activities of the Geneva Desk, Geneva, Switzerland.