The Department is charged with the responsibility of ensuring compliance with all national and international labour legislations connected with terms and conditions of employment, promotion of health and safety and sustenance of industrial peace and harmony. The Department is also charged with the protection of children from child labour especially in its worst forms.

Labour Inspections
It is the Ministry’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all national and international labour legislations connected with terms and conditions of employment, promotion of health and safety, collation of labour statistic, protection of Children from Child labour especially in its worst forms and protection of rights of workers including migrant workers. Inspection services also prevent the destruction of workplace infrastructures and nip in the bud, labour relation issues that could develop into full blown industrial crisis. Labour inspection affords the labour Officer an opportunity to educate employers and Union officials on prevailing Labour Standards. From the observation of the Labour Officer, the government will be notified of innovations in the work place that may be useful in making new laws.

Inspection is to be carried out in all undertakings at least once a year. Where breaches of the law are discovered and instruction given within a time limit for rectification, check visits are carried out to ensure that the instructions have been complied with. In cases of continued neglect and refusal to abide by the instructions, the matter would be referred to the Inspectorate Department of the headquarters for further necessary action.

Labour Inspection visits to establishments are generally without notice, being surprise visits. However, where it will be difficult to carry out the inspection without prior notice to the establishment, notice of the visit may be given to the employer without specifying the details of the visit.

Apart from routine Labour Inspection, a labour officer can pay a visit to any establishment based on the following:
On invitation
On investigation of complaint based on non-implementation of the provisions of Labour Act and other regulations
Where he/she suspects that labour matters in an undertaking are not conducted satisfactorily.
To assure himself/herself that breaches observed in a previous visit have been rectified.
Inspection visits to establishments provide labour officers opportunity to perform the following key functions amongst others.
Supply technical information and advice to employers and workers concerning the most effective means of complying with the Labour Act and other legislations.
Collate information needed for preventive mediation with a view to nipping in the bud, potential areas of conflict between labour and management.
Advise Government on labour matters.
A labour officer is expected to protect the identity of any worker who gives privileged information about his work place. Any investigation based on this information is always conducted in such a manner that it does not point to the informant or lead to his becoming known.