Special Duties Department was established by the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation; Via Circular HCSF/CMO/EM/243/17 dated 11th March 2014. This Department was created to undersign and to assist the Permanent Secretary to provide line supervision and general management to all the staff of the FOPS; in order to execute assigned projects for the Permanent Secretary and also direct and assigned duties on behalf, to ACTU, Stock Verifiers, Press and Private and Public Partnership. In other words, this department has the following divisions:
Travel and Protocol
Stock Verification
Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU)
Press (v) PPP
To create an enabling environment between the staff and the management for growth and for sustainable development through the best practices in the Ministry.
To facilitate and promote peaceful, productive and harmonious industrial relations, safe and decent working environment for all staff of Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity.
Assisting the Permanent Secretary to provide line supervision and general management to all the staff of the FOPS.
Execute assigned projects for the Permanent Secretary
Managed assigned direct reporting units on behalf of the Permanent Secretary e.g ACTU, Stock Verification.
Assist the Permanent Secretary to formulate and articulate his/her leadership agenda for the Ministry.
Provide supports in times of leadership transition in the Ministry.
Manage high-level stakeholder access to the Permanent Secretary.
Provide secretariat services to high-level meetings of the Permanent Secretary.
Help the Permanent manage his/her schedule to ensure that his/her activities follow espoused Priorities.
Coordinate the Permanent Secretaries response to emergencies.
Schedule all staff meetings and briefings involving the Permanent Secretary.
Coordinate the daily briefing sessions of the Permanent Secretary’s official schedule.
Represent the Permanent Secretary in certain functions.
Constituency Projects.
Liaison with National Assembly.
Staff of the Ministry, General Public and Partners (ICPC)
To ensure that assignments and functions of the Office of the Secretary are conducted in a most professional manner
All grievances are to be reported to the Director, Special Duties and the Nodal Officer