The Factory Inspectors are responsible for the enforcement of Factories Act 1990, Cap 126 Law of the Federation of Nigeria. They also oversee the implementation of several other subsidiary legislations, which provide for the safety, health and welfare of workers in all workplaces nationwide. The enforcement of Factories Act is done through:
1.  Registration of new factory premises, renewal of certificate of registration and amendment or revocation of certificate of registration.
2.  Special Inspection of workplaces.
3.  Investigation of accidents, dangerous occurrences and occupational diseases.
4.  Prosecution of recalcitrant occupiers.
5.  Preparation of safety and health regulations, code of practice, guidelines and standards for various operations, processes and hazardous agents.
6.  Provision of occupational safety and health education to workers and employers.
7.  Recording and dissemination of information and statistics on all aspects of occupational safety and health through the national Occupational Safety Health Information Centres (CIC).
8.  Provision of technical assistance and advisory services to workplaces on HIV and AIDS interventions.