2. Mandate of the Department:
  • Conduct labour inspection services to industrial, agricultural and commercial workplaces to enforce the National Labour Standards;
  • Enforce the National Policy on Child Labour and its National Action Plan on the Elimination of Child Labour in Nigeria;
  • Supplies technical information and advice to employers and workers concerning the most effective way to complying with Labour Act and related legislations
  • Collates and analyze information needed to preventive mediation, with a view to nipping in the bud, potential areas of conflict between labour and management;
  • Educates and builds capacity of professional Officers of the Ministry and Employers on labour administration and emerging trends in the world of work;
  • Ensures fair labour practices through intervention and handling of labour complaints;
  • Survey and monitor Labour Health Areas to ensure compliance to labour standards and protection of workers.
  • Responsible for gender issues in the ministry; and mainstreaming and coordination of gender related activities in work places and in other ministries.
  • Serves as advisor to labour matters to state government;
  • Responsible for the administrative, advisory, operational and development (capital projects) matters related to Labour Administration in all the States of the Federation and FCT, Abuja.
  • Serves as secretariat of the National Steering Committee on Child Labour (NHC)
  • Serves as secretariat to National Housing Facilitation Council (NHC);
  • Serves as secretariat to Senior Officers Conference of the Ministry and its parastatals; and
  • Serves as co -secretariat to Alliance 8.7 in Nigeria.


Recent Activities of the Department:

  • Development and Validation of the National Reporting on the Elimination of Child Labour in Nigeria;
  • National Launch of Alliance 8.7 in collaboration with International Labour Organization;
  • Accelerating Action on Eradication of Child labour in Africa- “Accel Africa Projects” on Elimination of Child Labour in Cocoa and Artisanal Gold Mining in Ondo and Niger States respectively;
  • On-going efforts on the ratification of ILO Convention 189 on Domestic Work and mainstreaming of its Recommendations 201 into national laws;
  • Step down national capacity building on ECOWAS Strategic Framework for Strengthening Child Protection Actors to Prevent and Response to Child Labour, Abuses, Violence and Exploitations.
  • Flag of Symbolic Integrated Labour Inspection Services by the Honourable Minister and Staff of Inspectorate at Port Harcourt
  • Flag of Symbolic Integrated Labour Inspection Services by the Honourable Minister of State and Staff of Inspectorate at Lagos and Lokoja
  • Permanent Secretary Working Visits to four (4) Zonal Labour Offices of Lagos, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Kaduna.
  • The on-going development of Labour Inspection Framework and its Guidelines for the protection of workers in the informal economy against unfair labour practices.
  • On-going review of statutory inspection tools and Ministry of General Instructions (MLGI)
  • On-going sensitization/ monitoring visits to small and medium scale enterprises in Abuja and its environs on internalization of gender policies on their operational processes and procedures.