The Policy Analysis, Research and Statistic Department is charged with the responsibility of policy articulation and analysis, planning and conducting research on labour administration matters as well as generating labour statistics. It also addresses all cross-cutting issues relating to human capital development, rights protection and labour administration. The Department is made up of the following two divisions:
i. Policy Analysis and Planning
ii. Research and Statistics.

The Department is charged with the following duties.
i. Developing the Ministry’s plans, programmes and project.
ii. Monitoring and evaluation of capital projects and programme implementation of the Ministry and its parastatals.
iii. Collate, reconcile and synthesize the various inputs on achievements submitted by Departments and parastatals into reports of the activities of the Ministerial Press briefing etc.
iv. Coordinates Ministry’s input for various stakeholders and organization.
v. Liaises with relevant bodies outside the Ministry, e.g National Planning Commission.
vi. Collects, collates, processes and analyses statistical data on labour and related issues.
vii. Researches into various section into which the Ministry has jurisdiction.
viii. Manages the Ministry’s Policy records and library services.
ix. Renders in-house consultancy services on ICT.