In response to the growing incidence and concerns for child labour in Nigeria the Ministry of Labour and Employment developed the National Policy on Child Labour. This showcased the Federal Government’s determination to eliminate child labour in its worst forms.

The increasing prevalence presented a serious threat to the future of children and the overall development of the country. It retards the physical, social, cognitive, moral and educational development of also creates a reservoir of children available for easy recruitment into prostitution, robbery, violent crimes and other forms deviant behaviours.

Wide and rigorous consultations were carried out as part of a consultative process to develop a regulatory framework for the elimination of the worst forms of child labour in Nigeria. The framework includes the production of the following documents:

  • National Policy on Child Labour
  • National Action Plan on Child Labour
  • Hazardous List of Child Labour in Nigeria

Governments, Labour Unions, Employers’ Associations, Civil Society Organizations and Faith Based Groups are key stakeholders in a coherent framework for multi sectoral and multi – disciplinary action against child labour.

With technical and financial assistance provided by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and other development partners, the Ministry of Labour and Employment drives the process of strengthening the framework for the elimination of child labour.